Fake Doctors Notes (Sticking it to the Man)

So you had a little too much to drink last night. You know you should have stopped right after your first last-round’, but one last-round’ after another and now your head feels like the inside of a piñata after a 6-year-olds’ birthday party.

All this is well except you have work in two hours time You know very well that last night’s tequila and today’s spreadsheets and business presentations won’t mix well So what to do? Call in sick! Hey, we’ve all done it at least once or twice. Whether it’s to take some days off to rest, fix that door handle your wife’s been nagging you about or to recover from a wild night of partying. On the rise is the use of fake doctors notes.

You should try to get some legit, free fake doctors note from a reliable online seller. This will help you cover up for your absence and in a greater picture, it helps to secure your job. It’s hard to lose work, so you don’t just let it go by being irresponsible and failing to control yourself. You should just imagine your life without work. Doing this will motivate you to continue in your efforts.

If you’re creative, then you can create your own dr notes from your printer at home. You just need to buy some specialty paper. Some, because you might need to do some extra trial and error session. Then you need to install a logo software or any photo editing tool, like adobe photoshop. Then you decide what your logo should look like. If you’ll do some research you might find and copy some template forms from real doctor’s offices around your place.

The internet is plenty of fake doctors excuse note. So realistic that it’s almost like a true doctor issued the note. This tool had been making life easier for employees. Being able to get away for a few days, doing personal things and coming back like nothing happened is a dream come true. Use a doctor’s excuse to earn a vacation.

A fake doctors note is the best tool to use when you want to take a day off and get paid at the same time. This requires familiarity with your company’s policy about sick leaves and day off, though. The reason is that you wouldn’t like to waste you time, money, and effort when your company doesn’t pay for leaves and day off. You might only want to do this when you’re sure that you receive some pay, but if not, all you have to do is to phone in sick.

A simple Google search unravels a plethora of websites offering all manner of ways and means to deceive your employer that you are Ill. Everything from templates to tips and excuses one can use From as little as 10 dollars you can get a doctor’s note to your satisfaction. Others even offer a money back guarantee. Now, every sane-minded person knows that this is fraud. Dishonesty in the workplace is taken in a very serious light and the consequences can be very dire with the worst and most likely being dismissal, but clearly this is not hindering people. Some websites even have testimonials to assure new users of their success rates.  If you’re searching for a great dermatologist’s note, you will want to see this.

Now whether these testimonials are true or not, it’s up to your own imagination, but it’s always been our most undesirable of traits as human beings to look for shortcuts. According to a Forbes Magazine estimate, sick days cost the U.S. economy $273 billion dollars each year Which lead to the question: why are employees reverting to such desperate means just to be away from work? Truth is, most of us only get vacation leave once a year. We do more than our fair share of work and get paid less while big companies makes millions upon millions of dollars. At the end of the year, you’re less likely to be impressed by your raise (if you’re lucky enough to get one), and you’re unlikely to get a promotion unless you’re sleeping with someone. People are frustrated. Unless your job pays more than you need, with a plush corner office and a personal assistant, going to work is a drag. We only work because we have bills to pay. Unless companies are willing to make work a happier place to be, people will keep abusing the system. It’s the only little power they have It’s their way of sticking it to the man.

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